Every encounter with a child, from the time they enter our Nursery until they graduate to the youth ministry, is one that builds up their self-esteem, encourages them, and increases their confidence in the love of God.  

While we assist parents in their training of children, we want to make sure they are getting a good foundation of the Word of God, learn His character and know how to skillfully apply God's word to their lives.

We are charged with a beautiful responsibility of enriching the lives of our children and training them in a Godly fashion that will shape them for life.  Children are truly one of God’s greatest gifts, and they have an innocence that is very impressionable.

Here at FFC, we are aiming to ensure that the impressions being left upon our children are biblically sound, and for the progressing of their character development. We do this by teaching them the Word of God at a level that they can understand and become involved in, and mainly in a way that empowers them to share it with someone else. We provide a fun atmosphere to keep their attention and also get them excited to invite a friend or two.