EQUIP is a vehicle offered by Faith Family Church where a myriad of classes are taught which are designed to strengthen the believer’s walk of faith, prepare them for leadership, and develop them in their calling and service to the Lord. Ephesians 4:11, 12 AMP

Our EQUIP concept includes educational and practical application opportunities in three basic areas, Growth, Greatness, and Helping. These three areas embody the vision of Faith Family Church.  

GROWTH - These A la Carte classes will equip you in every area that is vital for stability, strength and growth in your everyday life. There are various topics from which to choose as well as a full spectrum of Freedom classes, which help you become Free Indeed from knowing the truth about God and about who you are in Christ.

Foundations of Freedom - All of us have faced issues at one point in our lives, things that may still plague us today. Foundations of Freedom dispels the myth that freedom has to be “worked at" and leads you down a path to true freedom in Christ. Upon completing this course, like with any building that needs a strong foundation, you'll have what you need to build a strong spiritual edifice.

GREATNESS - One of the greatest needs in the local church today is in the area of administration and helps. Pastor's need to be free to give attention to prayer and study of God’s Word. These classes will train the volunteer in the basic principles of ministry, organization, leadership, helps and many more practical areas of church service. This is a required class for those who want to be Team Captain or Team Leader and is a prerequisite for those who want to teach, have been selected as an Elder and/or sense a five-fold ministry call on their lives. 

HELPING - This is where Leadership Development training begins. These classes are designed for those who recognize that God is calling them to a higher level of leadership. Prerequisites for Helping: Greatness and Foundations of Freedom.


For a list of upcoming class schedules and times visit our Events page or complete our Let's Get Acquainted card for additional information.