Step 1 - Begin by Praying

It's vitally important to seek God's direction about who He has given you, to be your and your families pastor.  To assist with making this decision, our Pastor preached a sermon titled "Who's Your Pastor?" with you in mind.


Step 2 - Make the Decision

Take next the step by indicating on our Let's Get Acquainted card that you're interested in becoming a member of FFC.  Or, if you wish, when prompted during one of our Sunday morning worship services, you may acknowledge your interest for membership at that time.

Step 3 - Attend Membership Classes

Our membership class is designed to provide a foundational understanding of who we are and what we believe at FFC.  Our one day membership class has two sections Catch the Vision and Run with the Vision.

Catch the Vision -  Covers the foundational beliefs of Faith Family Church. We believe that every prospective member should know exactly what it is that we believe and teach. 

Run with the Vision - Provides the foundation upon which one would begin their volunteer service in the ministry. This section reviews general ministry serving requirements, along with a powerful teaching on How to Relate to Your Pastor.

Upon completion those interested in membership can make an informed decision and are fully equipped to run with the vision of Faith Family Church.

Step 4 - Get Involved

Now that you've completed the membership process, it's time to get involved and find your place on one of our teams. Begin by praying about which team you should be on. Make the decision to join that team by indicating such on our Let's Get Acquainted card. Someone from that team will contact you with the information you need.